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We are opening another store.

302 Crown Street, New Haven, CT 


Home is where our story begins…

I was born to a young mother and had the good fortune to know and love my four grandparents and three great-grandparents. Our family gatherings centered around food. Sharing food was our way to express love.

As far back as my memory takes me, I’ve spent time in family kitchens. I’ve learned the two secrets to preparing the best meals.

1) Search for the best quality ingredients and transform them into something greater.
2) Love! Preparing great food is a passion and tremendous satisfaction is felt when seeing others enjoy a delicious meal.

They taught me to buy bread from the best bakery, meats from the top butchers, cheeses from the local cheese shop and fresh vegetables direct from farms. Most importantly I learned that there are no shortcuts. Great quality takes more effort and costs more.

I spent 35-years wearing a suit and tie running corporations. During this time, I cooked for my family and friends while dreaming that one day I will serve food professionally. In 2011, shortly before my 50th birthday, I decided to combine my professional experience and my passion for food . . . I created SuperSandwich.

Since then we have served over a million meals in our single location. We have signed up over 14,000 loyalty members and our Chicken Cutlet Italiano won the USA Today BEST Sandwich in Connecticut contest.

My grandparents and mother are no longer with us, but their passion for food now lives in me . . . as we serve the thousands of our extended family members at SuperSandwich.

Please stop in for a taste. There’s no place like home.

— Steve